Bowiesongs Extras
A Bowie Rykodiscography

As a public service to Bowie fans and various obsessives, here’s an annotated list of all the extra tracks that were included in the long-deleted Ryko CD reissues of Bowie’s catalog, 1990-1992.

Most extras have subsequently appeared elsewhere, and the majority are downloadable, but a few are currently “out of print” unless you find the Ryko CD.

Space Oddity, RCD 10131, released 30 January 1990.

"Conversation Piece."  Cut during the Space Oddity sessions, issued as B-side of “The Prettiest Star,” 1970. Currently available: Space Oddity 40th Anniversary edition or as download (for all future references, this means the US Amazon MP3 store.) {Note: the version of “Piece” you can download/buy now is the stereo mix; the mono mix is only on the Ryko or the original single].

"Memory of a Free Festival Pt. 1 & 2"  The two-part 1970 single remake of the Space Oddity closer. Ronson’s first appearance on record with DB. Currently available: same as “Conversation Piece.”

The Man Who Sold the World, RCD 10132, 30 Jan. 1990.

"Lightning Frightening" Wrongly identified by Ryko as a MWSTW outtake (my entry is woefully inaccurate and has been corrected in the book), actually recorded in April 1971 at same session as “Rupert the Riley.” Currently unavailable.

"Holy Holy." Again, wrongfully ID’d by Ryko as the original 1970 single, which remains unavailable. This is the Spiders’ remake, cut in late 1971, released in 1974 as the B-side of “Diamond Dogs.” Currently available: 30th anniversary Ziggy Stardust or as download.

"Hang Onto Yourself," "Moonage Daydream." The original Arnold Corns single, cut in early 1971. Currently available: 30th anniversary Ziggy or as downloads.

Hunky Dory, RCD 10133, 30 Jan. 1990.

"Bombers." Studio outtake from Hunky Dory. Currently unavailable.

"The Supermen." 1971 remake of the MWSTW track, now with the complete Spiders, and first issued on a 1972 Glastonbury Fayre compilation LP. Currently available: 30th Anniversary Ziggy, download.

"Quicksand." Studio demo, Hunky Dory. Essential document, currently unavailable.

"Bewlay Brothers." Alternate mix, with few noticeable deviations from the final mix. Currently unavailable.

Ziggy Stardust, RCD 10134, 6 June 1990.

"Velvet Goldmine." Ziggy outtake that first surfaced as a B-side in 1975. Currently available: 30th Anniversary Ziggy, download.

Sweet Head.” Unknown Ziggy outtake that surprised everyone when it turned up on the Ryko issue. Bowie allegedly came very close to vetoing it. Currently available: 30th Anniversary Ziggy, download.

"John, I’m Only Dancing." Bowie seemed hell-bent on making this the most confusing single release of his life: various mixes, alternate takes and remakes of it abound. The version on the Ryko Ziggy was an edit/remix made in 1979 of the original 1972 single track. Currently available: 30th Anniversary Ziggy.

"Ziggy Stardust," "Lady Stardust." Studio demos. Both currently available on 30th Anniversary Ziggy or as downloads.

Aladdin Sane, RCD 10135, 13 July 1990.

No extras on this one, which was a bum deal.

Pin Ups, RCD 10136, 13 July 1990.

"Growin’ Up." DB’s first attempt at Springsteen, likely cut (and definitely overdubs (inc. Ron Wood’s guitar) were taped) during the first Diamond Dogs sessions. Currently available: 30th Anniversary Diamond Dogs, download.

"Amsterdam." Though Bowie’s favorite Brel cover was long assumed to have come from the Ziggy Stardust sessions (& at least one take is documented as having been cut then), Kevin Cann claims that the official cut, released as the B-side of “Sorrow,” actually hails from Pin Ups. That said, it’s currently available on 30th Anniversary Ziggy, also download.

Diamond Dogs, RCD 10137, 16 October 1990.

"Dodo." Also available in its original medley form with “1984” (on Sound + Vision). Separate track currently available: 30th Anniversary Diamond Dogs, download.

"Alternative Candidate." Essential 1974 outtake from Diamond Dogs. Currently available: 30th Anniversary Diamond Dogs, download.

David Live, RCD 10138/10139, 16 October 1990.

"Here Today, Gone Tomorrow." Ohio Players cover, now found on the reissued David Live or download.

"Time." Live version, now included on the reissued David Live, download.

Young Americans, RCD 10140, 14 May 1991.

"Who Can I Be Now?" One of the great lost DB outtakes, from Young Americans, now found on the latest reissue of YA (2007, Virgin) and download.

"It’s Gonna Be Me." another epic Young Americans outtake. Currently on: 2007 YA reissue, download.

"John I’m Only Dancing (Again)" Bowie’s disco remake/remodel of “John” from 1974, issued as a single in 1979. Currently available: Young Americans reissue, download.

Station to Station, RCD 10141, 14 May 1991.

"Stay," "Word on a Wing." Live versions from the Nassau Colosseum 1976 concert, both now found on the reissued Station or as downloads.

Low, RCD 10142, 27 July 1991.

"Some Are." Masterful outtake from Low, w/possible alterations done in the ’80s. First released on this Ryko disc. This marks a sea change in the Ryko issues: every studio outtake post-Young Americans was entirely Bowie’s selection (Ryko had been able to examine RCA’s holdings for earlier extras, but everything after 1976 DB had under lock and key) and most tracks show signs of having revisions made years after their alleged recording. Currently available: iSelect, download.

"All Saints." Outtake from Low, likely tinkered with in the following decade. First issued here. Currently available: All Saints, download.

"Sound and Vision (Remix, 1991). This abortion, courtesy of David Richards, can be found on the Sound and Vision Remix EP or as download.

"Heroes," RCD 10143, 27 July 1991.

"Abdulmajid.” Alleged "Heroes" outtake, though being named after Bowie’s new wife in 1991 is a clue it had some post-op work done. First appearance here. Currently available: download or All Saints.

"Joe the Lion (remix). Another pointless remix by David Richards, 1991. Currently unavailable.

Stage, RCD 10144/10145, 8 May 1992.

"Alabama Song." Live version recorded in Philadelphia, 1978, not the studio version released as a single in 1980 (see below). Currently on the reissued Stage or as download.

Lodger, RCD 10146, 27 July 1991.

"I Pray, Olé ." Dubious outtake from Lodger: Tony Visconti reportedly has no memory of it. Likely hailing from the Eighties, with some overdubs coming as late as the Tin Machine II era. First and only appearance here. Currently unavailable.

"Look Back in Anger." The 1988 remake, Bowie’s first work with Reeves Gabrels. Currently unavailable.

Scary Monsters, RCD 10147, January 1992.

"Crystal Japan." Instrumental used for a Japanese liquor TV ad, possibly coming from the Lodger sessions, most likely cut during some interim sessions Bowie had in Switzerland before he went to New York to make Scary Monsters. Currently on: All Saints, download.

"Alabama Song." The studio version, released as a single (BOW 5) in 1980, not the live version from Stage (see above). Currently available: download.

"Space Oddity," Panic in Detroit.” Studio remakes with Visconti, 1979, intended for the Kenny Everett Show. “Panic,” which wasn’t released until the Ryko Scary Monsters, is currently on the “Special Package” edition of Heathen and as a download (it has the odd subtitle “Outtake from a 1979 Recording”). The “Oddity” remake, issued as the B-side of the studio “Alabama Song,” was on the 2009 Space Oddity digital EP, which seems to be available only via iTunes.

Ziggy Stardust: the Motion Picture, RCD 10148, 7 August 1992.

No extras for this live recording of the last Spiders concert, 1973.

Sources: The Illustrated DB Discography, Discogs. Dates for the CD releases are hard to determine: I mainly guessed based on Ryko ads for them in various Billboard and Spin issues, 1990-1992 (updated dates courtesy of “Fantailfan”: much thanks). The discs generally were released in batches of three.

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